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Information  on supporting your child's sleep

We all need a good night's sleep

Sleep is vital to health for everyone, but most importantly to children, due to their rapid growth and development in such a small period of time.  Sleep allows the body to recharge itself from the activities of the day.  Children are constantly active, either physically or mentally, and is one of the  main reasons why children need  more sleep than adults because they are learning new things all the time. Sleep is essential to the development of a child as their behaviours, memory and social skills mature significantly during this time.  Children who are sleep deprived may not develop and learn to their full potential. 


Lack of sleep for parents...


The younger the children, the more sleep parents lose!


Sleep deprivation can damage a parent's physical and psychological health, work and relationships. 


South Gloucestershire Council have a sleep toolkit on their website with information for all age ranges. 

Below are the website links and the tool kit documents. 


South Gloucestershire Council







The Sleep Council