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Family Support 

My name is Michelle Toghill and I am the Family Support Worker at Old Sodbury Primary School, mental health lead and trained Thrive Practitioner (supporting children's social and emotional needs).  

I am here to provide a listening ear and friendly face to mums, dads and carers with any worries or issues that may impact your child’s learning or time at school. I am available to work with all parents who needs extra information about school matters, as well those requiring help accessing other agencies.

I can offer advice regarding your child’s education – helping support additional needs, supporting you regarding your child’s work and coping with homework.

Advice regarding your child’s worries or concerns regarding – friendships, dealing with lunch and break times, dealing with anxiety or strong feelings, moving class and transition to Year 7.

Any support needed with family life- bereavement, moving home, family split, death of a pet and bed-wetting.

As we know, sometimes just talking through an issue or concern is enough, but if not, I can also sign-post you to other outside agencies, charities and organisations, who can offer further support and advice.

However small you may think your worry may be, I am available to talk to it through. I am available Monday mornings and then 9:00-9:30am Tuesday to Thursday, although I am flexible if you require an appointment outside of these times. The library is my base, as it provides a more confidential and comfortable place to talk. I am also available to provide home visits.

I can often be found in the playground or staff room, but you can also contact me through the school office and leave me a message or my email to michelle.toghill@oldsodbury.org.uk


I look forward to meeting you soon.

A problem shared is  a problem halved

                                                  If you tell someone about a problem, it will be easier to deal with it