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"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Welcome to Oak's class page. Here you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We are very excited about the year ahead and we hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work!

Useful Information


PE this term will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we will be doing cricket. Please come in your PE kit on these days. 

Home learning

Reading- Please listen to your child read at least 3 times a week. You can find ideas for comprehension questions to ask at home in the Reading Resources section of the website. Reading books and records should be brought into school each day. 

Spelling- There will be a weekly assignment on Spelling Shed each week. This will be set on a Friday and needs to be completed by the following Friday. Please see the termly spelling overview to see the word lists. 

Times Tables- Practise on Times Tables Rock Stars at home every week. Look out for tournaments and battles throughout the term!

Mission jigsaw- Choose one or more of the mission jigsaw activities to do at home. Send in photos of your work on Class Dojo so we can share and celebrate them at school. 

Term 6

Our mission question: How big is our footprint?

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Dogs Trust

Today we had a visit from Helen from the Dogs Trust. We learned what the Dogs Trust does, shared lots of stories about our dogs and completed a Doggy Detective challenge to explore how we should treat dogs. 

Prayer Pebbles

We painted our own prayer pebbles to add to the spiritual garden. 

Electrical Quiz Boards

As part of our science unit this term, we used our knowledge of electrical circuits to create these quiz boards. If you get the correct answer, the lightbulb should light or the buzzer should buzz!

Mission Splashdown

For our final splashdown, we used everything we have learnt this term about carbon footprints to design a sustainable city of the future. We had to think about how to power our cities, what transport would be used, what type of housing people would live in and what facilities would be needed. 

Den building day 

Today we built our own dens for all of us to fit inside.  It was in aid of Childcare Primary school in Uganda to raise money for new toilets for them. 

Term 5

Our mission question: How do living things grow?

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We have welcomed six new members of our class this term! Please welcome Gus, Max, Larry, Gerald, Simon and Ronaldo! We will be caring for our snails, observing how they grow and will hopefully be able to watch some eggs hatch over the coming weeks. This ongoing scientific enquiry is part of this term's mission- 'How do living things grow?' 

Keep posted for updates!


In art this week we have been learning about light and shadows. We experimented with moving light sources around and used our shading skills to create light and shadow on geometric shapes. We are very proud of the results!


As part of our science learning this term, we are learning about how plants reproduce. To get a better understanding of the process of pollination, we dissected tulips and identified the key parts involved in reproduction. 

Fire Day

This week we spent an afternoon in the forest practising our fire building, outdoor cooking and fire safety skills. In groups we built and lit our own fires before cooking our own sausages and flatbreads on them. So tasty!

Jubilee Portraits

As part of our celebrations to mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, we sketched these half portraits of the Queen throughout different eras of her reign. 

Term 4

Our mission question: How have the ancient Greeks influenced the modern world?

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British Museum Workshop

Today we were lucky enough to have a virtual workshop with a historian from the British Museum. We went on a tour of ancient Greek temples, found out about different gods and goddesses, explored lots of different artefacts from the museum collection and even designed our own temple!

Odysseus Drama

In English this term, we are exploring the epic story of Odysseus. Today we used drama to retell the events of Odysseus's meeting with Polyphemus the Cyclops. 

Red Nose Day

We have had lots of fun celebrating Red Nose Day 2022! We raised money by having our coin trail competition between the houses. We've never seen so many coins!


We are so excited that our new iPads have arrived! We buddied up with Sycamore and Chestnut class to teach them how to use and look after our new equipment. We can't wait to use them in all areas of our learning in future!

Soup making

In DT we have been learning about seasonal and local produce. This week, we designed, made and tasted our own winter soups. 

Term 3

Our mission question: Why is the South West a favourite destination?

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Map Skills

As part of our geography mission we have been exploring Ordnance Survey maps. We identified different symbols that are used on maps and learnt how 4 figure and 6 figure grid references work.

DT- Food

In DT this term we are finding out about seasonal and local food. This week we researched how far some fruits and vegetables travel before they reach our supermarkets and what the benefits of buying locally are. We used the website https://www.foodmiles.com/ to find out more. 

Computing- Pixel Art

In computing we have been finding out about digital pictures and how they are made up of pixels. We designed our own pixel art on squared paper and used https://www.pixilart.com/ to create digital versions. 


As part of our forest time this term we are learning how to tie different kinds of knots. We practised reef knots, bow lines, clove hitches and lashing. 

Buddy Reading

We love buddy reading time with Hazel class! 

Term 2

Our mission question: What did the tree see?

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Author Visit

Today we were lucky enough to have a virtual visit from Charlotte Guillain. Charlotte is the author of the book 'What did the tree see?' which has inspired this term's local history study. Charlotte told us all about her inspiration for writing the book and why she thinks local history is so important. We also had a Q&A session where lots of us were able to ask Charlotte our own questions about writing and becoming an author. Thank you Charlotte!


In science this term we are learning about the properties and changes of materials. This week we have been exploring dissolving. We tested lots of different substances to see whether or not they would dissolve. 

Giacometti Sculptures

We have been studying the artwork of Alberto Giacometti and this week we made our own sculptures out of pipe cleaners and foil. We are building up our ideas and skills ready to start our clay sculptures next week.

The Viewer

We have loved exploring our new book, The Viewer, in English this week. We made predictions about the cover and illustrations before reading the story. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and used these new words in our own diary entries as Tristan. We also had a go at using our very own View-master! Luckily, the images weren't as scary as the ones in the book! We will now be planning our own creepy short story inspired by The Viewer.


We have loved learning to play the ocarina with Mrs. Webber this term! 

Term 1

Our mission question: What is out there and how do we know?

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Year 5/6 Residential

We have had a fantastic time at our residential camp in Shropshire this week! We got to try so many new activities like abseiling, high ropes, rifle shooting, canoeing, kayaking, raft building, climbing, obstacle courses and so many more!

Scaling the Solar System

We have had lots of fun during our Mission Mondays over the past few weeks. To get a grasp of the size of the Solar System, we created our own scale distance model on the field. We converted Astronomical Units (AU) to meters and then used a scale of 1:3 so we could fit it in! 

Moon Craters Scientific Enquiry

Moon craters are caused by collisions from asteroids and meteors. We carried out an enquiry to find out what affects the size of craters. We chose which variable we wanted to change and used tables and graphs to record our results. 

Trip to We the Curious

We had a brilliant day at We the Curious! We built rockets, learnt how to control robotic arms, trained to be astronauts, visited the rings of Saturn, watched a meteor shower and many more exciting things! 


We have loved developing our netball skills this term. We have practised passing, footwork, shooting, defending and finding out about the netball positions. Today we played a mini game of netball to bring all our new skills together. 

Art- Collage

In art this term we have been learning about collage and practising our cutting, tearing and layering skills. We have experimented with colour and texture and will be building up to a collage portrait at the end of term. 

Life Skills

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Becky from Life Education come in to school for a life skills workshop. We talked about different types of decisions we have to make in life and how we can make healthy decisions. We discussed some real life situations and thought about advice we might give to others. Thank you Becky!