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"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Welcome to Sycamore's class page. Here, you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We are very excited about the year ahead and we hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work! Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey across the year.


Useful information



This term, PE will be on Tuesday and Thursday and we'll be doing cricket with Liam. Please come to school wearing your PE kit (white top and black shorts/joggers) on these days.


Home learning

Reading - Please read to an adult at home at least three times each week. You can find comprehension questions to use at home here.

Spelling - Complete the weekly spelling assignment set every Thursday on Spelling Shed. You can find further spelling resources here.

Times tables - Practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars at least three times each week.

Mission jigsaw - Choose one or more of the mission-linked activities to complete at home. Please submit photos of your work on ClassDojo to share with the class!


Items to bring in daily

  • Water bottle
  • Reading book and reading record
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing

Items to leave in school

  • Pencil case
  • Painting shirt
  • Wellies

Term 6

Our mission question: Where does our electricity come from?

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Term 5

Our mission question: What happens to the food we eat?

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Science fair

We were invited to a science fair hosted by Year 12 pupils from KLB School. We had lots of fun investigating physical properties, observing chemical reactions and exploring light with spectroscopes.

Term 4

Our mission question: What did the Romans do for us?

 Mission jigsaw Y34 What did the Romans do for us.pdfDownload
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Sycamore's spectacular story spoons

What a wonderful way to celebrate World Book Day!

Mixed media volcanoes

Trip to the Roman Baths

We're dotty about Yayoi Kusama, princess of polka dots!

Easter Experience

Term 3

Our mission question: What is underneath our feet?

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Turn your face into the east wind and if you could see for ever, you would see Ivan’s land...

We started a new book today and we're hooked already! After discussing the chilling events of the opening pages, we identified all the wintry words and phrases chosen by the author to describe the setting. Then, we used these to create winter-themed word clouds. We also had fun using chalk to draw trees from the great, dark forest where Ivan lives.

A gallery of our stunning watercolour paintings, inspired by Claude Monet's waterlily pond in Giverny, France...

Street dance workshop

We had fun taking part in a street dance workshop and learnt some new street dance moves as well as adding some of our own to the routine.

Rock testing

We learnt about three different types of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. We explored different rocks and used either a rub or a scratch test to see which rock would be the strongest for a new paved area.

Geologist visit

We were very lucky to have geologist Mr Long visit our class this week. He captivated us with his knowledge about volcanoes, rocks and fossils. 

Frosty freeze frames

We used our book 'Ice Palace' to create freeze frames of different scenes. We thought really carefully about our facial expressions and poses.

Mission splashdown

To showcase our new knowledge, we produced these fantastic fold-out books inspired by 'The Street Beneath My Feet’, by Charlotte Guillain and Yuval Zommer. We created a page based on each area of our learning: layers of the Earth, volcanoes, earthquakes, soil, rocks and fossils.


In RE this term, we have been considering the question ‘What is it like to follow God?’. We used the story of Noah's ark to help us respond.

Term 2

Our mission question: How did the ancient Egyptians show their beliefs?

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Bristol Museum trip

We loved our trip to Bristol Museum to look at the Egyptian artefacts. We also took part in a workshop where we got to handle real and replica artefacts. 

Preparing for our final compositions...

Egyptian cartouche

In history, we learnt about the importance of the discovery of the Rosetta Stone and how this lead to being able to understand Egyptian hieroglyphs. We created our own cartouche with our name and discovered it is enclosed so the Gods would protect the person whose name is inside.


We learnt about how the ancient Egyptians mummified bodies. We mummified a child in the class removing her organs: stomach, intestines, liver and lungs and put these in canopic jars to preserve them. Through her nose, we pulled out the brain and disposed of it as the Egyptians didn't think it was important! We created our own double page spread about the mummification process.

Welcome to Sycamore’s museum!

For our mission splashdown, we created an ancient Egyptian museum for parents and other classes to visit. We all made artefacts for the museum and wrote information to go alongside them. Each of our excellent exhibits helped to answer our mission question, ‘How did the ancient Egyptians show their beliefs?’.

Design and technology

We had lots of fun designing, making and decorating festive gift boxes which we filled with chocolates to give to our friends and family.

Term 1

Our mission question: What makes Europe special?

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Our Dot Gallery

During our moving up afternoon before the summer holiday, we enjoyed reading The Dot, by Peter H Reynolds. Like Vashti in the story, we got creative with dots and followed where it took us...

Life skills 

We loved our visit into the life skills tent and learning about 'It's great to be me!' We loved seeing Harold the giraffe too!

Failed Projects

We read The Barnabus Project, by The Fan Brothers, and invented our own Failed Projects to feature in innovated versions of the story.

Watercolour techniques

In preparation to paint a Monet-inspired landscape, we experimented with six different watercolour techniques and recorded examples in our sketchbooks: wet on dry, a graduated wash, wet on wet, a blend, drybrush and wax resist...

Then, we applied our new skills in Impressionist-style paintings of the moon reflected on water...

How are mountains formed?

We created actions to help us remember how the four main types of mountains are formed. Next, we wrote about the formation of the mountains and drew diagrams. 

What is Italy like?

We created our own maps to show different geographical features of Italy. We found major cities, countries bordering Italy, mountain ranges and seas around Italy.