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"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Welcome to Sycamore's class page. Here, you can find out what we've been up to and what's coming up. We are very excited about the year ahead and we hope you enjoy looking at our wonderful work! Please visit again soon to follow our learning journey across the year.


Useful information



This term, PE will be on Thursday and we'll be doing tennis with our external coach, Liam. Please come to school wearing your PE kit (white top and black shorts/joggers) on these days. We will also be swimming on Tuesdays at Yate leisure centre. 


Home learning

Reading - Please read to an adult at home at least three times each week. You can find comprehension questions to use at home here.

Spelling - Complete the weekly spelling assignment set every Thursday on Spelling Shed. You can find further spelling resources here.

Times tables - Practise your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars at least three times each week.

Mission jigsaw - Choose one or more of the mission-linked activities to complete at home. Please submit photos of your work on ClassDojo to share with the class!


Items to bring in daily

  • Water bottle
  • Reading book and reading record
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing

Items to leave in school

  • Pencil case
  • Painting shirt
  • Wellies

Term 5

Our mission question: Why are rainforests so important?

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Term 4

Our mission question: Why are rainforests so important?

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The Iron Man

After reading Chapter One of the Iron Man, by Ted Hughes, we took part in a draw-along with illustrator Chris Mould.  

Science Week

The children had a fantastic science week. Sycamore class we looking at magnets and forces. They took part in lots of investigations including which material is the fastest, comparing the strength and the size of magnets. They also sorted materials and metals into magnetic and non magnetic. 

Bee talk

Sycamore class were very lucky to have Mrs Greenman come and talk to them about bees and the pollination process. They even got to have a look at the frames from the hive and try on a bee suit. 

Where is South America and what is it like?

As part of our class mission, the children used atlases and I-pads to find the countries in South America. They also found out major cities and landmarks in Brazil.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic world book day! What amazing costumes! We spent the morning in house groups creating our own classic fairy tale shoe boxes for a competition. 


The Living Rainforest trip

As part of our mission, Sycamore class visited the Living Rainforest. It was a fantastic experience for the children to see and feel what life would bel like in the rainforest especially feeling the humidity. They used lots of their knowledge learnt in class and also learnt many new facts! 

Rainforest talk

We were very lucky to have Ben, who works for the BBC, come in to speak to us about rainforests. This built on everything we have learnt in class and on our rainforest trip. 

Term 3

Our mission question: Would you rather live in a village, town or city?

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Anglo-Saxon and Viking Mission Splashdown!

Sycamore class created a horrible histories style sketch as their splashdown to showcase what they had learnt in Term 2. Here they are striking their poses prior to filming! And ACTION...

Cities in the UK

As part part of our mission, we used atlases to find different cities in the UK.

Money Holders

In Design and Technology this term we focused on textiles, turning a 2D shape into a 3D product in the form of a money holder. The children are incredibly proud of their finished pieces. 


We learnt about the 8 compass directions. We went outside to explore using compasses and finding north. 

Ordnance Survey maps

Sycamore looked at Ordnance survey maps of different areas. We looked at map symbols and 4 figure grid references. 

Mission splashdown: Would you rather live in a village town or city?

For their mission splashdown Sycamore used everything they had learnt throughout their mission to decide whether they would prefer to live in a village, town or city. They created a map their own ideal settlement.

Term 2

Our mission question: Who settled in Britain and why?

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Term 1

Our mission question: Where does our water come from?

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Class trip to Slimbridge

This term Sycamore class went on a wonderful field trip to Slimbridge Wetland Centre to support our Mission on ‘Where does our water come from?’ We experienced the water cycle first-hand, investigating water as it moves through wetland habitats; slowing down and getting cleaner on its way to the river. We were blessed with glorious sunshine and even had time at the end to feed the birds!


This term, we've been learning about the Hindu faith and the festival of Diwali. We made colourful Rangoli patterns and lit candles to represent the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil.


We've been exploring the work of Canadian artist, Emily Carr. She was inspired by nature and she loved to paint trees. We learnt four new oil pastel techniques (blending, tinting, scumbling and sgraffito) and applied these to reproduce parts of her paintings. We’ll be taking inspiration from our beautiful forest for our final compositions.

Being geographers

This term, we have been using maps to explore our world's rivers, including the River Severn.