Old Sodbury Church Of England Primary "Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Hazel Class

The children have settled so beautifully into school. They have spent the first term making new friends and getting used to new class routines.

The children have been observed learning through play as well as having English, Maths and Phonics lessons.


This term, the children will continue to access all areas of provision where they will be encouraged to try new skills and learn new things. 





Our books for this term


Please can children keep a pair of daps in school as we will be having other PE/active sessions throughout the week, they won't need full PE kit, just a change of shoes. 

PE kit needs to be worn to school every Thursday please. 



The children have been learning numbers to 10. They have enjoyed practical mathematical activities as well as listening to our book called Numberlies which is a story based around each number.

This week we have been learning to recognise the numbers so we have been matching pictures to numbers, identifying them in provision as well as linking number activities to our English book; The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will continue to work on number recognition next week. 

Over the next few weeks, the children will start to learn one more of a number and one less of a number up to 10.

December 2nd 2020

The children are becoming very secure in numbers 1-10 now. 

This week, children will begin number 11 and we will complete all numbers to 20 before Christmas. Children will continue to learn one more of a number and one less. 

Having a good understanding of number in the EYFS gives the children a solid foundation to build from as they move through their education.


The children have been busy learning their phase 2 phonics which match the Jelly and Bean books that they are bringing home. The letters/sounds for phase 2  are 

c, o, a, t, h, n, m, i, b, g, x, d, l, f, r, s, e, u, p.

By the end of this week (week ending 20th November), the children would have learnt all of these letters/sounds

Children will be introduced to: k, ck, ll, ff, ss over the coming weeks.

Please practice all of the sounds regularly at home. It's important that the children embed what they have learnt at school.  

December 2nd 2020

Children have completed phase 2 phonics. We are now embedding these sounds, blending and segmenting words. 

A useful resource....Phonics Play- you can access some free games to help the children blend words together and decide if they are real or fake.

The children know what to do as we have played it this week in class.

Tricky words/Sight words

The children have learnt the following sight words:

I, the, no, go

These words can not be decoded. Practice recognising and writing these words at home.

You can use rainbow writing, writing in shaving foam/flour, chalk, air-writing....have fun!

Hazel Class Art work Term 1 2020