Old Sodbury Church Of England Primary

"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Answers to quiz

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Fun Staff Photos             

Mrs Jackman

Mrs Fitt


Mr Willis

Mrs Branton

Mr  Morgan

Mrs Chew

Miss Hill

Miss James

Miss Garroch

Mrs Toghill 

Mrs AJ

Mrs Webber-Brown

Mrs Adams

Mrs Mann 



Guess the Sound

  1. Spray can 
  2. Closing a drawer
  3. Typing 
  4. Light switch
  5. Opening a can
  6. Microwave
  7. Cutting an apple
  8. Flush


Guess the Lovely Babies


1.Mrs Chew

2.Mrs Garroch

3. Mr Morgan (quite easy!)

4.Mrs Toghill 

5. Mrs Fitt

6. Zoe

7 Mrs Webber-Brown

8. Mrs AJ

9. Miss James

10. Mrs Adams

11. Mrs Jackman

12. Mrs Branton

13. Miss Hill

14.Mrs Mann (who hasn't changed!)