Old Sodbury Church Of England Primary

"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Our School

This is the school of Old Sodbury. It’s been around for over 150 years!

It was first founded between 1839 and January 1840 but the main building you see now was built in 1870.

In 1887 to 1903 the railway workers came to Old Sodbury to build the tunnel so that meant the population of the school shot up and they had to expand to so they could fit everybody in.


Victorian Schools

Teachers were really cruel. Back then they used a log book to keep track of everyday events and that’s where you find the events of naughty children. The log book is where the head teacher would write about children being punished, new equipment and lots more.

If you were naughty at school you would get caned. Even if you broke a pencil by accident you would get punished. Normally the cane was hand or bottom sometimes on the back of the legs! In the classroom, if you were dumb or not clever you were made to wear the dunce’s hat. Dunce’s hat is a pointy hat with the letter D on it which stands for dunce. If you had the Dunce’s hat on you would have to stand in the corner for an hour or more.

In Victorian school there were 3 main lessons called the 3 Rs, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Some schools also did religion and drill, which is the Victorian version of PE.


By Peter, Emily, CJ and Lilly