Old Sodbury Church Of England Primary

"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Hill Fort

The Hillfort dates back to the Iron Age (800 BC – AD 43). Throughout England, around 1,224 hillforts exist, however our fort is rather special.                                                                              Known locally as ‘Sodbury Camp’, our hillfort is one of only fifty in England that has a double rampart. These hillforts are known as multivallate. It has two hillocks running all round it. Double rampart forts were better protected against enemies and are, nowadays, very rare.

Sodbury Camp has lived through a lot. The Romans and Saxons have also used the hillfort as their camp after the Iron Age. Many coins have been found at the fort, proving that the Romans really were there. Also, King Edward IV camped at the hillfort in 1471 just before attacking the army of Margaret of Anjou at the battle of Tewkesbury. 

The Iron Age hillfort has amazing views as far as Wales. This is because hillforts were better protected if they were up a hill. It’s perched on the edge of the Cotswolds and is considered one of the finest hillfort on the Cotswold Way. To access it follow the Cotswold way that goes up past the school. It is a scheduled monument. That means that it is protected, a bit like being listed.