Old Sodbury Church Of England Primary

"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Science Club

During the summer term, Science Club are going to be working towards their CREST Star Awards! We have to complete 8 super science challenges to pass our award and get our certificates. We will be keeping track of our progress in our CREST Passports. Follow along to see how we are getting on!

To find our more about the CREST Awards, visit their website: https://www.crestawards.org/ 

Week 1- Animal Adventure

For our first activity, we took on the animal adventure challenge. We went on a minibeast hunt around our school grounds to see how many different animals we could find. We found 10 types of minibeast, including slugs, snails, worms, woodlice, ants and beetles. 

Week 2- Music Makers

This week we were exploring the science of sound. We created our own musical instruments and explored how sound is made by strings, percussion and wind instruments. It was very noisy!

Week 3- Sneaky Shadows

In science club this week we were exploring light and shadows. We discussed what was needed to make a shadow and then made our own shadow puppets to test. 

Week 4- Tea Bag Trouble

This week we investigated what makes a good tea bag. We tested and compared materials and methods to find a strong but absorbent design. We talked about fair testing and used a timer to keep our investigation fair.

Week 5- Plant Detectives

This week in science club we were plant detectives. We wanted to find out which areas of the school had the most plants. We talked about our predictions before going out to count how many different types of plant we could find in each location. We counted in the playground, pond area, spiritual garden and planting garden. We know lots about plants from our 'What grows near us?' mission!

Week 6- Brilliant Bubbles

This week we were exploring the science of bubbles! We were set a challenge to find out whether we could make bubbles of different sizes and colours. We had lots of fun designing our own bubble wands but noticed that bubbles really like to be spheres!

Week 7- Investigating ink

This week we used chromatography to be forensic scientists. We investigated which colour inks are used in different pens and found out which pen was used to write a note!

Week 8- Confusing cans

In science club this week we helped Cosmic and Gem sort out a can disaster! We tried to identify what was in the mystery cans by testing how far they rolled. It was very tricky and we accidentally ended up with rice pudding on toast!