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Listed Buildings

Listing a building means it is legally protected because of its historical or architectural importance. The older a building is, and the fewer surviving examples like it there are, the more likely it is to be listed.

Grade I: buildings of exceptional interest

Grade II*: buildings of more than exceptional interest

Grade II: buildings of special interest

There are 500,000 buildings on the Historic England list.


These are some of the listed buildings in Old Sodbury:

The Dog Inn

The Dog Inn is a grade II listed building and the date it was first listed was in 29th of July 1983.

The address of the Dog Inn is Badminton Road.

It was built in the 17th century.

It is a well-known pub in Old Sodbury.




The Cross Hands

The Cross Hands is a Grade II listed building and the date it was first listed was on 17th September 1952.

It was built in the late 17th century. Queen Elizabeth herself stayed a night there because of a harsh blizzard in 1981.

Address is Tetbury Road, BS376RJ.

It is and old posting house with 21 bedrooms and for many years it has played host to ramblers, racers and royals.

Listed houses

There are lots of listed houses in Old Sodbury.

To find out more about listed buildings, visit https://historicengland.org.uk/listing/the-list/ 

By George, Isaac, Max and Charlie