Old Sodbury Church Of England Primary

"Let your light shine" Matthew 5:16

Coming up!....School Sport Competition Fixtures  2023 


Sport Event Venue Year Group Date
Netball match St Pauls school UKS2 22/05/23
Bristol together championships  Different schools Y5 Various dates in May/June 
Sports event  KLB Y1/2 26/04/23
District Hockey KLB UKS2 27/03/23

Dodgeball comp 

KLB KS2 1/03/23

Archery day

Old Sodbury school Whole school  3/03/23 

Hockey Competition 

KLB Upper KS2  6/03/23

Quicksticks Hockey comp

Yate academy  Upper KS2  24/04/23

Archery comp 

Yate academy  Lower KS2  10/05/23

Quad kids

KLB Lower KS2  17/05/23

Multi Skills 

KLB KS1  07/06/23

District Track 

KLB KS2  14/06/23

Festival of sport 

WISE KS2  01/07/23


Netball league dates yet to be confirmed...

Other sporting events to be added when confirmed by organisers.